What a day

When i started this blog i was a student studying to be a chef, all excited for my future, would i open a restsurant, maybe get a job as a chef in a 5 star hotel, oh i wanted to own a chip van and cater for weddings and parties. Im now qualified and my dreams have changed massively obviously i still love food…but i just want to do sonething like candy carts and a hotdog stand just as a hobby.

As you know i own my own vintage store which i love and has been a dream if mine since i was a child, this is something i want to keep doing because everyday in work is an adventure, i also work as an auditor part-time to help me fund my college education and my little candy business i hope to venture into.

Being an auditor is great i get to travel all over ireland see some amazing sights and work with different people everyday, its the easiest job ive ever had.

Being me i cant stop dreaming since i done the perfume making workshop i fell in love with aromatherapy and essential oils, which is why i decided to study it and its fascinating, being me i couldnt just be happy with it so i also signed my self up for crystal healing and crystal fairy healing i know simply crazy…talk about having my hands full…

The funny thing is im like the character jennifer Anniston played in along came polly im a scatter brain constantly loosing my keys, running around like a headless chicken, im always loosing everything.

Sometimes it feels like my life is obe big adventure. I got up at 6 am this morning and i still havent finished work, currently we are driving back from castlebar we won’t be back until 2am and then ill be back up at 6am we got in beautiful prams from the 1920’s they need to be refurbished but omg u should see them they are beautiful after a bit of upcycling they will look flawless im excited to go into the shop to start it.

In my aromatheraphy course i learned a bit about different ways to use essential oils, like topical using it on your skin, scent just smelling the oil can have an impact on you and through vapour where it fills the air and it can really help your mental health, you can ingest it too, but we won’t be learning about investing essential oils as it can be quite harmful if used wrong.

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