Celebrity lifestyles without the status

Now adays it seems like our social calenders are always full, partys, birthdays, weddings, events, street parties and launches. We are living celebrity lifestyles without there wages.

With instagram, Facebook and snapchat it means we need new dresses for everything as we cant be photographed twice in the same outfit.

This week coming i have a street party to attend, a dinner out , and a celebratory dinner, you know what that means 3 new dresses even though i have so many beautiful dresses at home.

Its like it’s a competition who gets the most likes, the most comments.

We are living a lifestyle most cant afford. Im one of the lucky ones im a qualified nail tech, hairdresser and im certified in spray tans, so i can maintain myself at cost price, as a stylist i can get clothes, shoes and accessories pretty cheap.

I don’t break the bank attending events, but i know girls that spend hundreds on one night and its money they genuinely cant afford.

So in order to participate in this celebrity lifestyle, they are missing mortgage repayments, car repayments, electricity bills and maybe even cutting down on grocery shopping.

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