Just one of those days

Today was one of those days, I woke up late for work to the sound of my phone ringing…of course I did the whole jumping out of bed while muttering shit, shit, shit a million times.

I get to work an hour late, loads of missed calls on my phone and I looked like I had be clubbing for the last week and dragged through a bush backwards.

On my lunch break I got the nicest spicy chicken roll as I walked back to work, it looked as though my day was about to get better. I devoured my lunch, made the perfect mug of tea and it was then i realised I lost my purse and cigarettes on my lunch break (talk about luck).

To relax my self I went over to my brothers business, I sat upstairs with him chatting about his surprise party, as I went to leave I missed one of the steps on the stairs, I went flying I twisted my right knee cap and left ankle. I was in agony. This all happened before 2pm ☺

I was never so happy to see 5.30 so I could go home, when I arrived home my fabulous husband had dinner cooked for me, he bought deep heat for my leg, ah when I seen him I could of cried I was so happy to throw my arms around him.

I’m all tucked up in bed now, with my leg elevated, watch Jeremy kyle show.

Good night and good luck

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