Women doing it for ourselves

Today both my husband and i left the house at the same time for work, this is an unusual occurrence as our schedules are crazy.

It made me realise how much harder women have it, men just need to shower, shave and throw on a shirt and they are done. But us women have to shower, shave our legs, do our make up, style our hair, dress, then id to feed the cats, make lunch for both of us, make breakfast and a cup of tea for us, make the bed, tidy up after breakfast and run out the door.

Ill spend the rest of my day running my business, answering emails, mentally planning dinner for tonight.

Truly its amazing how much us women can fit into one day.

Im not complaining, because its my beautiful husband who supports my dreams 200% and never once complained when im late home or take work home with me.

I supose i just want to give a shout out to all you amazing women out der doing it all

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