Perfume making and retirement party’s

Ive had an amazing few days on saturday i done my perfume making workshop, it was amazeballs i learnt all about the different essential oils, how to mix them properly, i also learnt about chakras and different gems and stones, it was a really eye opening experience and im definitely going to do an aromatherapy course in sept.

Saturday night i went to a retirement party, it was great to spend the night out with Asif, friends and family.

There was loads of finger food and washing it down with a few drinks was divine.

Sunday was raining so we cancelled our picnic and grabbed pizzas instead and had them in mom and dads house. It was the perfect ending to a fab weekend.

Since Monday ive been crazy busy at work and loving every second of it. Today i did a spot of retail therapy and treated myself to 5 new dresses, skirts, tops, jackets and accessories.

Im off tomorrow so im doing another workshop but this time its on storytelling im looking forward to it and i will fill you in when I’ve it completed

Love to you all

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