so ive never really been the religious type, im not the type of person to shout amen or praise the lord, its just not me…i cant remember if i was always like that or is it just something i became…i dont hate religion been born a catholic was something forced upon me it was never a choice, with that been said i do believe in god and Jesus along with Mohammed, Joseph smith and all the rest. what i believe is all religions are basically the same the only difference is the ending, for example when Jesus died the Koran says Mohammed took over as a prophet and the book of Mormon claim it was Joseph smith, to me it doesn’t make a difference.

i believe the whole idea of religion is amazing its about respect, compassion, love, honor and friendship, but somewhere along the line it all got twisted and it turned into a book of rules and regulations and it can cause hate and so many wars when that was never the idea of religion.

i never go to church except for weddings, christenings and funerals, i feel like mass is the easiest way for an insomniac to fall asleep and as for all the knelling and standing its like taking a mini zumba class 🙂

i believe that god was cruel and unforgiving he was the one that said an eye for an eye, i mean he turned people into a pillar of salt if they looked back… i mean come on everyone knows as soon as someone says dont look its human nature to look.  i also believe that his son showed him compassion , showed him how hard it was to be human it was Jesus who said turn the other cheek. sometimes in life i believe parents can learn a lot from their children just as god did from Jesus

i dont believe in confessions i mean seriously if i tell you my sins you will offer me absolution if i say 10 our fathers and three hail marys all my sins will be forgiven …for real how crazy is that…in my eyes somethings are unforgivable and a prayer cant save your soul.

i might be wrong and i most probably am but thats just my opinion and i would appreciate it for the god squad dont attack me over it as we are all entitled to our opinions




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