for rich and for poor


sometimes travelling can broaden your horizons, it can make you appreciate what you have. in my case thats true.. being in Istanbul was a real eye opener  i met people who were so rich they were investing 250,000 in stocks and shares just over the phone, then had citizenship in several different countries due to investments they made in those countries.

the flip side of that was i seen poverty i only ever seen in films, it was heartbreaking it brought a tear to my eye. i was fortunate enough to spend a day in a children’s clinic and during this time i got to hold beautiful babies in my arms but i also seen mothers carrying their babies in there arms as they left the ambulance, and getting refused to see a doctor, as the receptionist told me ‘no money no doctor’ in Ireland everyone will be seen in a hospital whether you have money or not and especially if your life depended on it no hospital would refuse you.

I seen mothers desperately pleading to have their babies seen to as they were so sick, i seen the fear in the mothers eyes the desperation. just because you are poor it doesn’t mean that you love your child any less, im lucky enough to be born in a country and to parents that had the money to look after me to never have to worry about health care, and i was also lucky enough to have the money which was equivalent to 70 euros to pay for these babies to be seen.

i also got to see the poor children working hard for a living some of these kids 10 years old and younger worked 15 hours a day working harder than i have ever seen anyone work in my whole life.  realized that we dont know what hard work is.. let me tell you about hard work, working 15 hours a day without a break, hard work is a 7 year old child working on a building site as a laborer, hard work is begging a doctor to see your sick baby and getting turned away, hard work is living in a Syrian camp without fresh water and holes in the ground instead of a toilet.

this holiday has changed me its opened my eyes to the sadness in the world. i never wanted to see a 9 year old boy who was hardened by the world, to sit beside a 6 year old girl who begs all day long to feed her family, but because of all of this i appreciate my life and the country i was born in, its also made me decide that i need to go back again and bring gifts for all of these beautiful children who never asked for the life that they live


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  1. Mel says:

    love it

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  2. jamie says:

    so sad

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  3. asif says:

    it was a great holiday

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