Dreams can come true….mine did

i believe you only have one life one opportunity to do what it is you want, in life we often do what it is our parents want us to do, what our friends want us to do we rarely do what we want to do…let me tell you its hard to take the first step to walk away from the negative friends to leave that bad/ negative relationship, to decide that you dont want to be stuck at home with two kids while your partner is away. its always hard to take the first step but when you do it will turn out ok and well worth it. remember nothing worth having comes easy.

i decided to fulfill all my dreams, i met the man of my dreams, tall, dark and handsome with some serious muscles thrown it, he opens doors and pulls out chairs, buys me flowers and takes me out for meals, and walks along the beach he is my Mr perfect.

then i left my job of 17 years to open my own business i opened up an Aladdin cave called Victoria H, i love working there and ive met some of the most amazing people, then i went into the fashion industry doing a bit of back stage work and styling for fashion shows i loved the experience and to this day i still have a passion for fashion,

i went to study to be a hairdresser, barber and nail technician and i qualified in all of them, now im studying to be a chef and im hoping to study to become a tanning specialist in the coming months.

now its official ive finally started organizing my new business venture Victoria’s Jewels, its going to be an online jewelry business im super excited about it ive been looking for stock and ive finally found some amazing pieces that i adore, classy unusual pieces and some funky fun pieces ill also sell them in my store along with my sister in-laws hand made pieces.

im excited for the coming months ill graduate college, have my new business up and running and then i can start on my third dream entering into the food industry this is another dream of mine but since ill have the shop and jewelry business im only going to go into the food business on a small scale.

im loving life every single day i take the time to look at the beauty of the stars at night, to sit in the garden and just relax, take walks in the park, have lunch with my family and friends.

i go out with my husband for meals, we sit and watch movies together, laugh together and always take the time to say i love you to him, we do such simple things together like feed the swans take walks by the river, have picnic and just do nothing together.

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