Snowy Sunday morning

i had an amazing week i was working in my shop and we were busy all week, then i was working in Blarney in cork, blarney is simply beautiful and its always lovely to change your scenery, then i was working for Joe as a PA i love this job we go out for dinner chat and make plans for him i do typing as i think he is preparing for a book he is planning on writing and i share my opinions on his work. college is going great and ive decided to do an online course as well to top up my qualifications. So on Saturday i decided a bit of retail therapy was in order so i bought myself 4 pairs of shoes, jeans, two tops a cardigan and three dresses, as i work three different jobs and have college i need a lot of clothes and ive a passion for fashion so clothes is something i love.

today im reminiscing on the week just passed and it brings a smile to my face realizing how lucky i am to have 3 jobs i love, a career and such amazing people in my life. on Wednesday i got a package in the post it was from my best friend in america she is a designer and she had customized 2 beautiful broaches for me, they are 1 of a kind made just for me and im so thrilled she made these for me. im 1 lucky girl

Today is my first day off in a week i woke up early and had a steaming hot mug of tea watching the snow fall outside, its simply beautiful to wake up to a white morning. i decided today im going to cook all my husbands favorites for dinner spicy smashed potatoes, spicy onion sauce, boiled rice, chicken sausages, boiled eggs and fresh cod. i also am going to make chocolate corn-flake clusters.

but before all of that im going to tidy the house its not bad but i haven’t been home in a few days so it just need a bit of a dust and polish.

i have a busy week ahead of me im working all week in the shop, college, assignments due it, ive my PA job on Friday, tomorrow im meeting a good friend for lunch and coffee and of course a good gossip i met her when i was studying to be a hairdresser, from day one we just clicked all we do is laugh when we are together and we both love food and gossip so the time goes way too fast when we meet up, its valentines day on Wednesday im organizing a romantic candle lit meal for my gorgeous husband, Thursday is my one and only sisters birthday so we are all meeting up for a family meal i cant wait me and my nephew are going to buy all the sweets and party stuff for the meal he is so excited. im looking forward to seeing everyone together.

i might be busy but im so happy with my life not many people take the risk to fulfil their dreams but take my advise it is 100 times better to do what you love for a living, to marry the person you love with all your heart, to wear the clothes you like than to work a job you hate stay in a loveless relationship and wear what you feel other people think you should wear. when you are happy you live a stress free life, you sleep like a baby and you get to spend your life with your soul mate so remember you only live once and life is short



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