Life is good life is sweet

I may just be the happiest girl in the world after working all day [and dining with the girls for lunch] i collected my nephew from swimming he is like a fish in water i hope he will end up in the Olympics but hes not that into doing it professionally [ i can live and dream]then i went home to have a delicious meal with Asif we went to the local indian the bollywood temple and grabbed ourselfes a take away and just sat and talked for hours. its the simple things in life that make us the happiest, now im having a coffee and writing my blog, so as i mentioned earlier i was going to a class on diet and let me tell you i actually enjoyed it i learned all about the health benefits of fruit and veg, benefits of seeds and nuts i suppose the more informed we are the better decisions we can make, now im going to get organised for work tomorro im planning on a business sheek look

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