Great day good life

today is my dads birthday…Happy birthday dad i love u so much and am so proud of you xx, i called to his house this morning before work to have breakfast with him, then i went to work ofr 8 hours today i was getting orgnaised for a styling event so i got to play with all of our hats, this is my favourite part of the job, as soon as i clocked out i went for a few drinks with dad and my brother we laughed about old times and talked for ages, i just love my family and im blessed with each and every one of them. now im home im making my husband chicken pasta, he is working until 10pm tonight so when he comes home he will be starving. after dinner i have to organise my clothes for tomorrow as im double jobbing tomorrow ive work in my shop from 8 – 5, then on to my PA job, i love both jobs even though ill be working about 15 hours tomorrow the day will go so fast. i got some good news today my new business signs are done just waiting to be put up and im working with an artist to design my new business cards im super excited and when i got home from work a certificate was waiting for me . today has been a great day and im just one lucky girl

Love Victoria 💋💋

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  1. Mel says:

    love it and congrats

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  2. Gill says:


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  3. Mary says:


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