holiday time

my fabulous husband Asif has booked us a trip to turkey, Turkey is somewhere i always wanted to go, Istanbul it is for the two of us and im so excited as soon as he told me today i just wanted to run home and pack my bags, we are going in a few weeks and staying in a 5 star hotel, with a swimming pool, gym, Jacuzzi and two dining rooms, we will be spending time in the old town, visiting museums, the blue mosque, a bit of boating and strolling around, it goes without saying that we will be trying all the local cuisine. Asif is so romantic and thoughtful so he is taking me away because we have both been working so hard him working two jobs and me working three jobs and college. so we both really need a break away.

we applied for our visas today and got them straight away. exciting times ahead. tomorrow im going shopping for a few bits and bobs swimming togs are a definite and a couple of fancy dresses for our nights out.

to celebrate we went out for dinner and a glass of vino so i have no recipes to write. im going to relax for the rest of the evening and plan my packing in my head.

good night everyone and sweet dream




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