busy schedule quick meals


i started the day off with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and a full irish breakfast then i went for my morning walk as the cat followed me like she was my personal body guard lol.

then i begin my chores…we have four goldfish my husbands pride and joy, so i bought two new ornaments for them…today im going to clean out the fish tank and finally open the beautiful christmas present my husband bought for me and display it in the sitting room, then i have 3 loads of laundry to do { something i hate doing} but Asif irons all the clothes so im a lucky girl.

then i need to start on a plan for a kitchen that i have been contracted to do for a family member as a qualified interior designer i just love doing this as a hobby but not a career.

then i get to do my next favourtie thing barbering….i qualified as a barber last year and i have a few clients its something i have a passion for and i just love it so tonight Asif is getting his hair done.

Asif done the grocery shopping today so i just have to put them away and organise a celebratory dinner for the two of us [a romantic meal for 2} we will be celebrating my new job i got in january working as a PA and Asif getting his new car a week ago.

for dinner im making a lentil curry this is an asian dish as Asif loves it i will be serving it with basmati rice, everything you need for this dish will be posted below

after dinner we will go for a romantic walk along the river shannon, this is something we both love to do stroll hand in hand and just talk and laugh like we dont have a care in the world.

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