I feel like chicken curry tonight

Since we both have been working so hard we decided to spend a night in Galway its my favorite city in Ireland, its always buzzing full of life. we went out for a few drinks, ate out in a Turkish restaurant and strolled around the city it was the most perfect night ever.

i love to eat at home, unfortunately i dont get to do that an awful lot so tonight im planning a meal for two, chicken curry made from scratch, salad and and basmati rice {this is one of my husbands favorite meals} im also planning on making chicken balls, potatoes and gravy for the cat, my fur baby {talk about being spoilt}.

before i start cooking i need to do a grocery shop Lidl is one of my favourite supermarkets i can get tinned soup and meatballs for the cat plus all the veg, fruit and salad items for us at low cost prices, i also throw in a lot of tortilla chips. we also go to the asian food store to get all of our meat, spices, rice and biscuits.



1 whole chicken cut into small pieces { we eat the chicken on the bone}

4 chilies {chopped in half}

2 onions {chopped finely}

2 tins of canned tomatoes { put both cans into a blender and blend until liquid form}

half a tin of water

1 teaspoon of red chili powder

1 teaspoon of pepper

1 teaspoon of tumeric

add salt to season


heat some oil in the wok

add the onions and chili until the onions become translucent

add the chicken to the wok for five mins

add the canned tomatoes and half a can of water

stir the ingredient together

add all the spice and stir

add the salt to your liking {my husband loves salt}

stiring occasionally

leave on a lower heat i use the ring on a number 3

cook for approx 45 minutes

after 30 mins put the rice on

Basmati rice

use a mug of basmati rice

add to pan or rice cooker {i use a rice cooker and would be lost without it}

clean the rice/rinse it under the tap

add two mugs of water to the rice

and cook until the water absorbs/ or the rice cooker turns it off

and enjoy your delicious asian dinner

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  1. Ali says:

    I need to try this recipe

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  2. Gill says:

    Fab content

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