Too much too soon

as you all know im a busy girl…i have 3 jobs, im a college student and im a wife. this year my new years resolution was to become more organised. ive tried and tried but i still cant manage to get it all together. im finding it hard to juggle my personal life and business life.

as it is its 21st of January i barely have time to juggle the grocery shopping, cleaning the house and all my work, as it is my Christmas tree is still up as i haven’t had time to take it down yet, i have been working the last 18 days without a day off…im off today and im exhausted my back garden is flooded so thats the first on my to do list as the drain is blocked, then organise dinner for my fabulous husband and obviously do this blog post, then ive a weeks worth of laundry to do, update my CV a million emails to reply to and try to do my tan and nails and style my clothes for the week ahead.

as im siting her enjoying a cup of tea and a bar of chocolate im taking ten minutes out to just enjoy the quite, my husband is sleeping as he works just as hard as i do.

i love my life and wouldn’t change it for the world i enjoy all of my jobs and the colleagues i work with and studying to be a trainee chef is a passion of mine so im loving it. i suppose im just tired.

‘life isnt about the amount of breaths you take it the moments that take your breath away’


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  1. Collin says:

    love it

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  2. Chris says:

    God bless you

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  3. asif says:

    love it

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