Eating out

I love cooking, researching recipes, buying ingredients, the smell of the aroma sifting through the house it’s my favourite thing to do. But on Saturdays I love to eat out, it’s my weekly treat a wholesome dinner served to me and no dishes to wash (It’s perfect) I normally eat out with my dad he loves to treat himself to our weekly lunches. Today I got southern fried chicken with all the trimmings and it was simply divine my father got the lamb and it was so tough he said it was like eating leather. Thats one of the risks of eating out your not always guaranteed a nice tasty meal.

my favorite place to eat is the Wokking its a Chinese restaurant in limerick city and the prices are cheap and the food is simply amazing its my go to place for a quick lunch, a take away after work, family events for my husbands birthday last year we ordered take ways for everyone and ate it in the garden it was the perfect way to celebrate and he said it was the best birthday ever.

everyone who know me knows my opinion of the wokking and this year i got 3 gift vouchers for there. so if your ever in limerick then its the best Chinese place to go to


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  1. Mel says:

    love the wokking

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  2. venus says:

    ❤ it

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  3. jess says:

    the wokking is the place to go to

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  4. Jacinta says:

    Wokking rulex

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