If tomorrow never comes

You only have 1 life, 1 chance, 1 opportunity so don’t waste it…eat that second slice if cake…have that can of coke…treat yourself to that take-away and don’t feel guilty about it

If today was my last day on this earth then my last supper would of been a cheeky chicken curry and fried rice from the local Chinese, washed down with an ice cold can of coke. After my delicious spicy dinner I treated myself to a bit of retail theraphy and on my way home I grabbed a 6pk of cheese and onion crisps, 5pk of twirls,and a couple of energy drinks to enjoy later with a movie. Life can be hard and we as people are extremely tough on ourselves so every once in a while we need to just shrug our shoulders and just indulge. Today is my indulgence day and I enjoyed every second of it. So take my advice have a cheeky Chinese, eat that bar of chocolate and sieze the moment

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  1. kim says:

    all you need is love and cake i love it

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