the burnt dinner


i work three jobs and am a college student and a wife, i love to cook its a passion of mine and a hobby but the truth is at the end of a long week im too exhausted to cook, i love Sundays its the one day of the week i dont have to work i sleep in until late and get up and lay on the couch with a blanket wrapped around me eating cereal and watch tv shows that i have missed all week . i spend the whole day in my pajamas and the thought of cooking or cleaning leaves me exhausted so Sunday is convenience food day today i decided to have fish and rice i put them in the oven and lay in bed for what i thought was a few mins and when i dragged myself out of the bed it may have been a bit over cooked…well at least the rice was fine thanks to my rice cooker so my husband will be delighted to hear that were having burnt fish and rice for dinner just what everyone likes to come home to.

so here i am a food blogger and a college student studying to be a chef and i still manage to ruin an easy to do dinner.

so whatever your having for dinner…enjoy it cause im sure we will enjoy our burnt mess lol



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  1. Jamie says:

    Love it

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