lets celebrate together

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so today is new years eve and we had planned a big extravagant evening out in limerick city we were going to go to kings john castle to watch the fire works display and listen to the live music then on to my brother and his wifes apartment to grab takeaways and champagne but due to weather alerts the fireworks and bands were postponed so mom jumped into the rescue and made us all a new-years eve dinner and it was scrumptious and the best thing about it all is no one can beat moms cooking she is the best

we had Ham, Salmon, Roast beef, Roast potatoes, veg, mashed potatoes, gravy followed by jelly and ice-cream, chocolate cake and fresh cream sponge cake.

i am absolutely stuffed as my poor husband has a bad case of the man flu he stayed at home and i got a few hours off from my Florence nightingale duties LOL.

Mom i love you to pieces and thank you so much for feeding all of us and thanks to dad for listening to me talk non stop about my new blog.

happy new-years to you all and i hope 2018 is a happy one for u all

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  1. gill says:

    happy new year to u

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